About FinnskogLeden


Foto-Stein Ivan Briskerud


Finnskogsleden is a walking trail on the border between Sweden and Norway. The trail, which was established in 1992, represents a hike of about 240 km through the forest boundary nature and culture. Starting point is in Morokulien, the border between Eidskog (Norway) and Eda (Sweden). The trail then ends in Søre Osen, Trysil. During the walk there are accommodation facilities periodically. The trail crosses the border on several occasions and is in Norway highlighted in blue, and in Sweden in orange.

In the past, people walked out of necessity, now we go to relax. It must be nice to walk, to feel that the body works and to experience nature with all your senses and to learn about the culture and landscape. Finnskogsleden consists of both long and short trips suitable for the whole family. If you have the desire to walk all the 240 kilometers at a stretch, you need at least two weeks, preferably more. We suggest that you split the trek on several tours. Then you get the most out of Finnskog trail experiences.